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Brady 2 months old - Bella 1 year old.
Silver Labrador Breeder in Northern Nevada.
Light Silver AKC registered Labrador Retrievers with champion lines.
Northen Nevada Silver Labs has created this site to honor the beauty and individuality of the rare Silver Labrador Retriever. Our dogs are AKC (American Kennel Club) registered Labrador Retrievers and have all the wonderful traits Labradors are known for. (Intelligent, kind, loyal, loving, hard-working, strong, with high energy and endurance.)  If you've never heard of a silver Labrador, you're not alone.  Silver is not a common color for a Labrador.  Because of this, they are sometimes mistaken for a Weimaraner by those who are unaware of the diluted gene colors occasionally found in Labradors. We have two Silver Labradors, Bella, our female and Brady, our male.  These two Labs were specifically chosen by us for breeding beautiful puppies.  Both dogs were the largest of their sex in their litter.  Both were "pick-of-the-litter" and both have unique characteristics and desireable traits we hope to pass onto each puppy.  Please click on "Bella and Brady" on the left menu to view each dog's unique characteristics.

Various Styles and Types

Silver Labs come in all shades and sizes. They can be a light silver, like our female, or a darker, duskier chrome, like our male. They can have the American Labrador traits, with thin, straight lines, agile and built for speed and hunting, like our female, Bella. Or they can be the famous English Labrador style, popular for show rings, strong and stocky, majestic as a male lion and able to outpower anything, like our male, Brady.

Dad (Brady), Mom (Bella in the back), and little JR,

The cutest puppies in the world!
The perfect family pet and hunting/working dogs.

Reno. NV

Phone: (775) 815-2048
Please leave a detailed message and we will return your call as soon as we can.

Bella and Brady at home.
Brady is darker and muscular. Bella is light silver and slender.

The Grassis

Kobe, Alex, Bella and Brady
The Grassi boys with their dogs

We are not a kennel. We are simply a family with Silver Labrador Retrievers. Our dogs do have their own kennel space on the side of the house, but most of the time they roam the property and go in and out of the house as they choose. (They love the doggie door.) They are each an important member of the family. From time to time our female and male may have a set of puppies. If we have pupies for sale they will be listed on the "New Puppies" page on this website. Please reserve your puppy soon since they are rare and we sell them quick.  We try to breed only 1 litter a year.  Please check out our Facebook page and add us! 



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