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"You are just a backyard breeder!"

There seem to be a lot of haters out there.  Due to the controversy of Silver Labradors, some of the "show people" and breeders seem to hate this breed.  I don't know who could call themselves breeders and hate dogs, but it happens.  I've received emails in the past that stated, "You are just a backyard breeder!"  If by that they mean my dogs are raised in my house and backyard, you are right.  I don't keep them in kennels their whole life. I don't breed them for money, or as my only source of income. I have a career and it has nothing to do with breeding my dogs.  If by "backyard breeder" you mean it's just a hobby, you are right.  My dogs are my hobby.  I love them and they are a part of my family.  It doesn't mean I am any less educated on breeding.  In fact, my father raised Standard Schnauzers as I was growing up and he had the AKC Champion for "Best in Show" at that time.  He was also a "backyard breeder."  A highly knowledgeable and respected breeder. He also had a career that had nothing to do with breeding dogs.  His dogs were his hobby.
We are not a puppy mill, nor are we a kennel that focuses on money and high volume puppy output.  We are simply a family that raises dogs. Our dogs actually sleep on the furniture (see pictures) because they are very clean and do not eat and sleep in the same area they urinate and deficate. They are socialized with everyday and do not have to fight for attention from the nearest passer-by, as many dogs in kennels do. They are loved and each puppy is special and has a forever home with us if their new owners cannot care for them for any reason.  We take breeding seriously. We have met many wonderful people through breeding.  We stay in touch with all of our new owners and they all become a part of our Silver Family.  They all share stories and love of their new family members through our Facebook page. You are not just adopting a dog, you are adopting a family member that will give you a lifetime of unconditional love.

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