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Our female, Bella and our male, Brady...

Bella is our momma dog.  Her AKC registered name is Grassi's Bella Sera in Italia.   She is from California Silver Labs, in Newcastle, CA.  She was the largest female in her litter.  She is a beautiful, soft, light and shinny silver.  Her eyes are light yellow-green and outlined in a natural black eyeliner that would make any super model jealous! She is slim and sleek. At 2 1/2 years old she is 80 lbs.  She is a fast runner and swimmer and is ready for anything.  Her trim, sleek lines are typical American style Labrador.  These dogs are preferred for hunting and working dogs.  Of course, she also makes a great pet as she has the kindest, most gentle demeanor I have ever seen in a dog. She is even great pals with the ferret!  CLICK HERE FOR BELLA'S PEDIGREE.

If interested in reading Bella's Pregnancy Blog; click here.

Bella and Heidi (mom)
Bella loves to hike in the woods.

Ready for action!

Brady is our Daddy dog.  His registered name is Grassi's Starting QB Brady.  His father is the first multi-titled champion Silver Labrador, "Chief" at Red Rock Ranch Kennels in Texas.  He is a darker color than Bella, although still not chocolate, he is more of a dark chrome.  He was bred resembling the English style labradors so that he is stocky and muscular.  His eyes have stayed a beautiful light green color, which is rare.  (They are born with blue eyes and they turn a greenish-yellow as they grow older.)  As a puppy, he was the largest male in his litter.  At 2 years old he is 90 lbs. He is less active than Bella, but still competes rigorously at swimming and fetching.  He's always willing to snuggle and happy to please.  He's our little genious; he learned to sit and shake at 8 weeks old!  He can learn anything within 5 min.  He and our 7 year old son are best friends and they sleep together every night. For Brady's Pedigree click here.

Brady is our genious puppy!
Our green eyed cutie!

Brady andhis little girl

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